Why Topeka Armadillos Do NOT Make Good Pets - Risks and More!

Some Topeka people may find the armadillo an adorable and endearing creature. Nonetheless, it comes with specific logistical challenges that make it difficult to the average person to take care of them. For instance, it will require a large space where it can hunt for food. They also have a unique nutritional needs and the commercially manufactured pet food will not provide them with sufficient nourishment. In addition, the industry of armadillo trade is not well-established. It is quite difficult to find a licensed supplier. This means that you cannot guarantee that the animal is free from zoonotic diseases.

Reasons Why Kansas Armadillos Will Not Make Good Pets

Before you decide to take an armadillo as pet, there are different considerations that you have to make. You need to remember that you need to possess the necessary permit before doing so. Otherwise, your pet will be taken away from you by the local wildlife center.

Health Considerations

Most of the municipalities and states are prohibiting their Topeka residents from owning armadillos. There are also certain restrictions that are being placed on the ownership of the armadillo. Usually, the ownership will be reserved for professionals, educators, and wildlife rehabilitators. Nevertheless, even these people who are legal to own creature will have to face different challenges. For instance, on the off chance that you have a sick armadillo, looking for a veterinarian that specializes on their condition will be difficult. Armadillo can also be a carrier of Mycobacterium leprae, a special type of bacteria that may cause leprosy.

Large Space

Another problem in owning a Kansas armadillo is giving them enough space where they can hunt their food. When out in the wild, the creature will normally cover a large area when foraging their food. The averages size of their home in the wild is around 20 acres. Due to the health and safety concerns, you should not allow your armadillo to roam around freely. This means that you have to invest on a huge outdoor pen that you can construct.

Challenges of Restricting Them

Even if you have a suitable space for the Kansas armadillo, there is also the challenge of containing them using a sturdy enclosure. Some experts will recommend you to build a fence that is made from chain linking. However, it should be buried at least 1 foot below the ground. Since they are burrowing creatures, they will find it easy to create a tunnel to escape the barrier. Armadillos are also adept climbers, so make sure that your cage has secured lid or roof. This will translate to a huge amount of expenses. 

Apart from the considerations that we mentioned above, you will also need to think about the climate in your Topeka area. Armadillos will have unique preference with regards to climate. They have a lower body temperature which makes them prone to frost bite. This means that they need a place that is properly insulated if you live in a very cold area. All these challenges make it difficult for the average pet owners to take care of them.

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