The Legalities Involving the Topeka Pigeon

Feral Topeka pigeons can be found all over the world. Some of them can be located in the wild where they will establish their nest in the cliffs to evade the predators. However, there are also others who will choose to stay close to the humans due to the bountiful foods. Sadly, their closeness to humans can cause different types of conflicts. Some people will try to conduct several methods to get rid of them. Nonetheless, you need to remember that all exclusions or trapping method should be done within the legal boundaries.

Is it Legal to Capture the Pigeons?

Those who are looking for a comprehensive guidance on Kansas pigeon exclusion will soon discover how intricate it is when they realized that there is a strict rule that surrounds it. This quick overview will cover the legal status of the pigeon which include the removal or exclusion of the pigeons in your property.

Lethal Control Method

Anyone that is experiencing a Topeka pigeon infestation and plan to deal with the matters themselves should remember that the responsibility to guarantee that the control method that will be used is lawful rests on their shoulders. Some people believe that if you hire the service of the contractor, the contractor will be liable for the legal responsibilities. This is simply a misconception. It is still the responsibility of the owner of the property where the control method is being conducted. This is the reason why we recommend you to look for an experienced removal expert since they can provide you suggestions and inputs and guarantee that their control method will fall within the boundary of the local jurisdiction.


On the off chance that you find it hard to deal with your Kansas pigeon infestation with the non-lethal control method, you should carry a general license that will enable you to legally kill the feral pigeon. You can acquire this license for free but will only be given under specific condition. You will be asked to demonstrate that the infestation that you are experiencing has resulted in the threat on the public’s safety. You should also prove that you have used all the non-lethal option before but none of them seems to be working. 

The Animal Welfare

According to the 2006 Animal Welfare act, any circumstances that cause unnecessary suffering on the part of the Kansas bird or any other animals whether it is unintended or deliberate will be unlawful. For instance, if the feral pigeons where accidentally trapped in the nylon bird nettings that leads to its death due to dehydration or starvation, the owner of the property can face prosecution. 

Currently, there are no laws that will prohibit anyone from eating the Topeka pigeons. In the event that this type of practice is considered detrimental to the quality of lifestyle of the community or perhaps unreasonable to the local culture, then the local authority will have to deal with it. Each state possesses unique laws when it comes to the pigeon control method. There are states that will allow you to trap them using your regular hunting license while other states will require you to carry special license.

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